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January 18, 2012 23 comments

Have you ever been so full of gratitude that all you can do is overflow with thankfulness?  Honestly, that is where Patti and I are right now, today… overflowing with gratitude for the past 4 years.  Our lives have been blessed, impacted and changed in the most magnificent ways… ever since that surprise debrief with “D” squad in Swazi, 2008.  The World Race has brought a redemption to our souls and healing for 26 years of plowing in small plots that the Lord has had us steward.  The hungry pull of racers, the unbridled passion for the Holy Spirit, the power and embrace of brokenness and the change in young men and women all around us has been the most expansive run with freedom that we have ever know.  David, we get it!  Psalms 23:5 “…You have anointed my head with oil; My cup overflows.”  We cannot say THANK YOU enough!

To the World Race Staff, you are some of the most amazing people that we have ever been associated with in our entire life.  Walking with you has changed us!  We can only anticipate the increase that is forming over your life!  Your love has been His love.  God with skin you are.  Your development has been precision with no bounds.  Thank you!

To the Leadership of AIM, thank you for entrusting us with His choicest jewels.  Indeed it has been a treasured experience.  Thank you!

To Seth, Andrew, Gary & Tom, look at what the seed has done.  It’s still amazing.  Thank you!

To Michael and Kathy, when we grow up, we want to be like you.  Onward… team… together!  Thank you!

To Nicole, Paige, Steve & Jon, you’ve taught us more than anyone.  You still do.  Thank you!

To Isabel, Jones, Lewis & Baby Brew, you always bring the refreshment we need!  Thank you!

To our spiritual sons and daughters around the world, in our heart, you glow in the dark!  We see you.  Thank you!

Lord, thank you.  It’s been worth it.  All of it, it’s been worth it!

Even though our duties with The World Race are dissolved, our obligations to the sons and daughters that we disciple, continue without pause.  Nothing has really changed in that regard.  Until the Lord says otherwise, we live in Gainesville, Georgia, we are committed to:  discipleship, the development of The Gathering in Gainesville and other locations, and earnestly accept our call to live in pursuit of the young men and women who desire community, spiritual relationship and a shared life.  Our hearts are full and our hope is inflamed!  What a great time to be in the Kingdom!  FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!!!

Mike & Patti

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the gathering podcast

January 13, 2012 3 comments

We finally (Thank You  Matthew Snyder!!!) have found our way through the techno-babble and digital maze to offer The Gathering messages via iTunes Podcast.  The following link will take you to a page where you can select to sign-up for the podcast through iTunes.  Slick!  Very slick indeed!

 Click Here for the scoop!


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