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It’s Baaacccckkkkk!

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RAW TALKS WITH WISDOM – Not Your Grandma’s Devo


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BOOK_cover1.0OKAY!  That might be a little over-inflated.  So, just hold your horses for a minute. In all honesty we’ve felt that we have a lot of new friends who know nothing about the devo, and it’s not doing anyone any good just sitting in the Kindle store waiting for you to purchase it…  so, we’ve decided to make it available again to anyone who wants to sign-up for it—for FREE—for real. Yeah, you heard me right!

RAW TALKS WITH WISDOM- Not Your Grandma’s Devo is now available via a daily email from our friends at the Chimp.  All you gotta do is sign-up and opt in to get a devo everyday in your email inbox.

Want to sign up right now?

No problemo!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

We love you all!

Mike & Patti  xo




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December 17, 2015 6 comments

StarsI’m pretty sure I was dreaming this morning.  But before I could even get my eyes open, I became aware that I had been processing the words and the visit.  Even though that probably seems strange to you, it’s actually a pretty normal occurrence for me.  I am a mystic.  While I make no apologies for that, I try my best to keep the cuckoo in the clock.  The words landed with concussion.  I felt them.  There was nothing mean-spirited or condemning in the encounter, but I sensed it was serious. I can’t stop thinking about it, mainly because it applies to me.  I feel obligated to share what I heard, so I’m going to try my best to relay some of what He said.  It’s up to you what you do with it.  I know what it means for me.  I know where I am exposed.

You take my Name, but you don’t look like me.

You fuss and fight and glory over your doctrines, your beliefs, your positions, your need to be right, your formations and alliances, your insights, your opinions, and your self-righteous indignation.

You take my Name, but you don’t look like me.

You formulate, pick and choose your friends based upon your standards of acceptance.  In truth, you’re jealous and petty over things that really don’t matter.  You are easily offended, easily irritated, easily wounded.  You formulate yourselves into packs, tribes, and groups that exclude and isolate.  You do that because you are afraid, yet you will not trust in my protection or favor.

You take my Name, but you don’t look like me.

You are prideful in what you have, what you possess, what you have accomplished, what you represent, whom you represent, where you represent, and how you appear to be.  Yet…

You take my Name, but you don’t look like me.

You love in tiny parcels.  You love only when you are secure that there will be a return. You won’t risk loving anyone who doesn’t meet your values, standards, governance, or tolerance. You dole out treats of love as you would treats to your pets for good behavior.  Where is the extension to the poor, the broken, the needy, the uncovered, the failed, the outcast, and the unbecoming?

You take my Name, but you don’t look like me.

Think about the things I have shown you.  Grace.  Mercy.  Unmitigated acceptance and embrace for every single person.  You are too quick to judge, slow to mercy, slothful to repent, and unaware that true beauty starts on the inside.

You take my Name, but you don’t look like me.

Yet, my hope for your transformation has never been higher.  I believe you will live who you are.  You will become what I have spoken over you. You will manifest the glory that I have set upon each of you.  You are the plan.  You are the touch of my grace upon mankind.  All you have to do is decide to be who you are.  You have my Name.  Now be Who I was, Who I am, and Who I will be for all eternity.

So much for the fluffy Christmas message.

Love you all!


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December 10, 2015 13 comments

My apologies.  I feel like I’ve punk’d you for the past couple months with advertisements for the book.  Your gracious response to all of that has been overwhelming.  Patti and I really appreciate you all.  Thank you so much! -MDP-

You’ve seen the images on social media, right? The devo-selfie. There might be a beach or a fireplace in the back ground, but the gist is always the same: Bible (check), pen (check), coffee (check), journal (check), a lavender candle (for the more artistic types), and the special highlighted focus on some verse or thought that is doing it for the person who has posted the image. It always makes me chuckle when I see it, because I too really appreciate those incredible moments of laying low in liminal space.

When I was much younger, I probably enjoyed the pursuit of the moment much more than the intimacy of the connection. I was proud and zealous—a man on a mission. I was probably more of the proverbial bull in the china closet when it came to my handling of sacred space. Taking notes and reading the requirements are tasks that all serious God-people undertake and I was one of the serious. There were dues to pay, so I did my allotment. As I mentioned, I was very devout about it all. But, I must admit that I’m now less concerned about what I do in that space and much more desirous to just sit in His presence. Let me briefly try to make sense of what that means.

I think it’s right to say that God probably speaks to each of us in a way that flows with our devosensitivities and temperaments. The where and the how is probably the least significant aspect of this thought, but the condition of our internal sensitivities has everything to do with our connection with the divine. I don’t think God is waiting on us to do our daily spiritual constitution before He’s willing to download to us. Us performing for God is not demanded or required. I think the meat of “devotion” is our willingness to sit in spiritual nakedness before the One who knows us like no other. I’m talking about real exposure. I’m talking about sitting before God (on purpose) and exposing our whole selves to His loving eyes. Of course He sees us, but there is something that rattles us to the core when we’ve stilled ourselves long enough to know that we’ve invited Him to look at us. Nose to nose. Heart to heart.

Have you ever watched someone while he or she was looking at you, measuring you, trying to peek behind the curtain of your façades? How we respond to that is usually a good indicator of how comfortable we are in that moment. It’s hard to explain, but there is a tangible pressure in that exchange. I’m trying to incorporate my exposure into less refined and dramatic settings. It’s an exercise of synchronizing my head and heart to His gaze throughout the normal day. I’m no expert and I don’t always have my A-game, but I’m trying to be more consciously astute and let Him look. For some reason, I believe He really enjoys my appreciation and ease when I see the love in His eyes while He’s looking at me. Yeah, I don’t get it, but it’s pretty much always wonderful.

Maybe… just maybe… it would be good to blow out the candle, close your Bible, the devo, the journal, and just sit still. Take it off. Whatever it is that you’re all wrapped up in (fear, anxiety, the pursuit of being noticed and appreciated, longing for something sensational, wild, exotic, and exciting) and take it off. Invite Him to look at you. Trust Him enough to expose your self. I think you’ll connect at a whole new level.

Oh, I almost forgot, pictures of THIS moment aren’t really necessary. ; )

Love you all,

-MDP-  xo

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