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It’s Baaacccckkkkk!


RAW TALKS WITH WISDOM – Not Your Grandma’s Devo


RETURNS 1 . 1. 16

BOOK_cover1.0OKAY!  That might be a little over-inflated.  So, just hold your horses for a minute. In all honesty we’ve felt that we have a lot of new friends who know nothing about the devo, and it’s not doing anyone any good just sitting in the Kindle store waiting for you to purchase it…  so, we’ve decided to make it available again to anyone who wants to sign-up for it—for FREE—for real. Yeah, you heard me right!

RAW TALKS WITH WISDOM- Not Your Grandma’s Devo is now available via a daily email from our friends at the Chimp.  All you gotta do is sign-up and opt in to get a devo everyday in your email inbox.

Want to sign up right now?

No problemo!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

We love you all!

Mike & Patti  xo




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