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October 19, 2020 15 comments

I know I promised to be more frequent in my posting on this site… but, it’s just loony-tunes around here right now.  You probably get a lot of stuff to fill your inbox, but if you actually want the stuff I’m putting out weekly for the churches I pastor… send me your email or text your info to me.  I’m doing a thing called: Touching Home Plate.  It’s basically the best of my weekly devotional studies.  There’s some “church stuff” in it, but mostly great thoughts, stretches, and a lot of Jesus counter-energy to the religious crap you know I love. ; )

Here’s a little something I read earlier this morning on humility. I preached yesterday on the kind of humility that is necessary for real community—social and spiritual. I like these thoughts from today’s reading. Honestly, you’ve got to get past the first sentence, but don’t let it shut you down.  Pretty good stuff.

Much love!  Be good at loving everyone.


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Basically, humility is the attitude of one who stands constantly under the judgment of God. It is the attitude of one who is like the soil. Humility comes from the Latin word humus, fertile ground. The fertile ground is there, unnoticed, taken for granted, always there to be trodden upon. It is silent, inconspicuous, dark and yet it is always ready to receive any seed, ready to give it substance in life. The lowlier, the more fruitful, because it becomes really fertile when it accepts all the refuse of the earth. It is so low that nothing can soil it, abase it, humiliate it; it has accepted the last place and it cannot go any lower. In that position nothing can shatter the soul’s serenity, its peace and joy.

—From Living Prayer by Anthony Bloom

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