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dreaming towards destiny

Part of what Patti and I do is pastor missionaries.  Mainly young people involved in a ministry called THE WORLD RACE. No, not the Great Race (even though it is great), but THE WORLD RACE.  Put your cursor over the words THE WORLD RACE, click and go check it out.  It’s amazing.  What makes it so amazing are the people out there doing the stuff.  Kids from all over the place, from all kinds of churches (some have never been “churched-up” at all) engaged in God’s work all over the world.  Part of their responsibility is to communicate to those who love and support them via blogs.  Patti reads every blog from every kid that we have on our squads.  I scan and peruse mainly, but she always points out the ones that require a little more attention.  After a year of debriefs, emails, skype dates, and reading their blogs, you start to know a kid and the passion that is in them.  It’s wonderful, mysterious, glorious, fun.  One such racer that has crawled into my heart is Jessica Johnson.  Her squad and team mates say the same kind of things about her, but it flushes her face, the dimples flash and she ducks her head in true discomfort.  She did a blog back in January (Bangla Road to Redemption Road) that officially unraveled me for about 3 days.  I know more than one church that has used the video to wreck it’s people with the reality of what is going on in the sex trade industry in Thailand.  If you cluck your tongue and think there is a simple solution:   forget it.  It’s not simple.

Most recently, Jessica posted a great blog about dreaming.  CLICK HERE TO READ HER BLOG!!! It’s really good stuff!


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