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patronizing or honor?

I’m enjoying a new book that gives me detailed descriptions of specialized SEAL training for the US Navy.  The writer is furnishing explicit  narration and colorful images of this process.  These SEALS are some bad boys who are doing  jobs all over the world that no one else can handle or would want, except for maybe Arnold, back in his movie prime, before he got the cushy desk job.

One of the thoughts that has captured me is the explanation from the writer, on why the training is so brutal.  Yes, the right word is brutal.  He reflects on a conversation that he had with his C.O. after he had completed the training.  I won’t use exact wording, but here is the main ideal conveyed:  THE TRAINING IS BRUTAL AND UNJUST.  IT HAS TO BE THAT WAY.  IT IS THE ONLY WAY WE CAN FIND OUT IF A MAN JUST LIKES THE IDEAL OF BEING A SEAL OR IF IT IN HIS HEART AND EVERY FIBER OF HIS BEING TO BE A SEAL. One other ideal stuck with me:  IF A MAN EVER ENTERTAINS THE IDEAL OF QUITTING…HE IS DONE FOR.  WHAT WE DO EXTERNALLY TO THE CANDIDATE EXPOSES WHAT HE THINKS INTERNALLY.  WAIVER FOR A MOMENT AND THE PAIN WILL MAKE THE CALL FOR YOU. We ought to simmer on that one for a while.

So Patti and I are at another Training Camp for THE WORLD RACE. We know what these 135 kids are in for, they do not, not yet anyway.  These racers will get the opportunity to learn the difference between real honor as compared to only patronizing.  Patronizing means that you go through the motions of honor, but it isn’t what is really in your heart.  Motivations and attitudes are still too self-focused and the bottom-line still hovers around “what about me?”  Honor means that the heart has already decided.  THINK ABOUT THIS! “Come hell or high water, just or unjust, happy or sad, easy or hard, black or white, taste great or less filling…I’ve already made the choice to choose-in, commit, serve, prefer others and go the distance!” The development of true spiritual sons and spiritual daughters weighs in the balance as these potential racers figure out what they are going to commit too; whether or not they really heard God.  And, if they choose to run the course and endure the test, their life will be changed…FOREVER!  Of course it IS hard and that is what makes it great!  YES, this is a word and lesson for every one of us…ESPECIALLY the church.


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  1. Gretchen kiehlbaugh
    May 22, 2010 at 8:43 am

    Thank you for this papa bear! I very much appreciate this perspective and the word pictures created. Thank you for being a man of God who fights for his kids to press into their destinies! Love to you and Patti. Wish I could be at training camp.

    Be love, bring kingdom,
    – gretchen kiehlbaugh
    ( Jan ’08)

  2. Courtney Mac
    May 22, 2010 at 7:48 pm

    I really like this, read it yesterday and I’m still thinking about it. Thanks for sharing!

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