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dang gina!

The little tender man goes off.  Dang Gina!

Let’s be honest.  We do not like this part of God which is dove, water and invisible wind.  We are threatened by this part of God ‘which blows where it will’ and which our theologies cannot predict or inhibit.  We, like the disciples in the Upper Room, sit behind locked doors of fear, and still say that we are waiting and preparing for his Holy Spirit.

Fortunately, God has grown used to our small and cowardly ways.  God knows that we settle for easy certitudes instead of gospel freedom.  And God is determined to break through.  The Spirit eventually overcomes the obstacles that we present and surrounds us with enough peace so that we can face the “wounds in his hands and side.’  We meet the true Jesus, wounds and all, and we greet our true selves for perhaps the first time.  The two are almost the same.  ‘Peace be with you.’ he says again.

from Richard Rohr O.F.M,  sermon notes.

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    Awesome! XoX

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