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very different journeys

2 pathsThe picture looks harmless enough.  Though this view comes from one particular origin, it looks like we have options about how we travel and which paths we choose.  Thus, one forest with multiple trails.

I love the thoughts you are about to read from Richard Rohr.  I used to live in an ultra-conservative spiritual environment.  I know the pressure of having to get it right, be right, say it right and demand right from everyone around you. 

Every direction you took, every path you chose, was littered with signs of “warning” about the dangers of being outside good doctrinal thought.  My quandary has always been centered around the question of who is it that ultimately gets to decide what is good or bad doctrine? 

For the most part, we’re all using the same Bible to formulate our stance and forts.  In case you haven’t noticed, opinions (which we have lots and lots of these) and even “convictions” (which is the stuff we’d be willing to die for) about what is right and what is wrong are as numerous as the stars in the heavens.  Everyone can’t be right and everyone can’t be wrong. 

Oh wait, you’re right and everyone else is wrong?  Ohhhh… got it.  Perfect.

Fearful living is a miserable way to live.  I’m convinced the Friar is right.  If playing it safe is the goal then stop exploring and just be content with what you know already.  Personally, I’m bent that way by training and by rhythm.  So I have to push myself to read, think and experience life outside of my comfy box.

If I only choose the “right” path ever time, then the path on the left never gets explored.  What if there is a cave to explore over there…  a waterfall I’ve never seen…  a crystalline aqua-blue pool that demands a skinny dip…  a challenging terrain that begs to be climbed above the tree line? 

Don’t you want to check that out– at least once?  Fear says “hell no!”  (Give me a break… I’m NOT talking morality here!  I’m referring to thought, expansion of understanding and spiritual experience.)

Nothing wrong with the “right” path (I spent quite a bit of time and energy writing RAW TALKS WITH WISDOM, hoping to influence our love affair with the right paths of Lady Wisdom’s sound counsel).  But, I also don’t want to be confined to only one side of God’s forest.

Oh yeah… one more thing.  FORGET hanging out with the Holy Spirit if all you want is “right”, “safe” and “comfortable”.  It ain’t gonna happen!  HE ain’t scared (especially of you being scared).  Cheers mates!  -MDP-

We prostituted Christianity when we told our people they had to “save their souls.”  That attitude often affirmed the ego “spiritually,” which is very dangerous and deceptive.  We called it the journey into holiness, but it was often disguised and denied self-interest.

Saving one’s soul and falling in love with God are two very different journeys.  Because we told our people to save their souls, they got into spiritual consumerism, gathering sacraments, holy works, and ascetical practices–all affirming the false self.  Now we’ve got these big Christian egos walking around, who are very self-protective, satisfied and conservative in the wrong way.  Conversion is not on their agenda.  Every preacher or teacher knows what I’m talking about. 

An unhealthy conservatism is incapable of exodus, of risk, of passion, and, therefore, perhaps incapable of the living God.

Richard Rohr, O. F. M.  from Letting Go:  A Spirituality of Subtraction

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  1. March 5, 2013 at 9:12 am

    oooh, oooh, ooh – LOVE, “HE ain’t scared (especially of you being scared.” and “saving one’s soul and falling in love with God are two very different journeys.” oh man…that falling in love part is fabulously enveloping. even when it’s tough. xo

    • March 5, 2013 at 9:17 am

      yes it is… but the journey… ohhhh, the journey! Love you woman! xoxo

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