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a gospel of righteousness

chapmanAs Jed Clampett would say… “Whew dawgy!”

Our good friend Anthony Chapman, from Rock Church UK – York England has done it again!  Another message that begs our attention!  Please find a way to squeeze this in before you go to celebrate Easter services this weekend.  What a message!  It’s entitled:  THE TRUE GOSPEL:  A gospel of righteousness.  That alone begs a questions:  Is there another Gospel that the church is adhering to?  You might be surprised at the answer!

It’s a killer message.  Worth every second of your time!

Click HERE for:  THE TRUE GOSPEl:  A gospel of righteousness.

It may take a minute to load depending on your connection speed.  Be patient.  ; )

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  1. April 17, 2014 at 12:16 pm

    He’s my kinda dude… said he was gonna wrap it up about 27 times 🙂

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