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simple #3

If you missed reading Simple and Simple #2 this video is pretty much your summary.  I apologize if you’re not Matrix savvy.

Once we’ve stared down our addiction to being noticed or needed, and then face our thirst for being right, certain, and important, the final temptation must be wrestled down: CONTROL.

Jesus was propositioned the third time by darkness with the ultimate sugar stick: “It’s all yours, dude. Just play the game, bow the knee, and you can have it all!” (Matthew 4:8)

That is a serious offer, and regardless of the source (which most of us have no issue overlooking) it’s too much power and control for us to ignore. It’s a legit temptation.   Verse nine clearly reveals the costs, but too many are usually willing to gamble.

That’s a very heavy judgment on “all the kingdoms of this world.” In all these systems, self-interest has to dominate. For Kingdom people, self-interest cannot dominate.” – Richard Rohr, O. F. M.

Make no mistake, the third temptation is all about power and control. And as Rohr indicates, it is the culmination of all three temptations into one package: “The great lie, a mythological riddle that can’t be solved—The sin of the world.” (John 1:29)


About the only way to combat the gravitational pull into this numbing cycle of default normalcy is to sell out to gospel living. And that, my friends, isn’t very easy. His yoke is easy and light, but it’s also pretty much counter-flow to every world system in place. I’m not talking about fist-pumping rebellion here, but a different rhythm and a different path—a peculiar stride that doesn’t find its value by blending in with more of the same or how it’s always been done. The amount of counter energy Jesus exuded towards the kingdoms of this world was astonishing! Homie didn’t play.

I know serious-minded ministry people who believe they’re exempt from such things, but actually, “we’re” not. In fact, there is more temptation, not less. It’s not easy to resist the rewards of any system. That’s why the game gets played over and over again. What we’ll do for a little honor, glory, recognition, or control. Sigh.

Darkness finally split the scene when Jesus spoke words that ended the conversation. True to form, He offered the ultimate antidote to nullify the poison from the liar’s tongue. Again, we are reminded that we are to govern our lives by values that come from a different space and reality. And about the only way we can get to the true essence of that rhythm is to center ourselves in God’s full acceptance of who we really are. We can stop with the self hype. We can truly be grace. That doesn’t require marketing. It requires trust.

It simply takes faith to believe that. You’ll know when you’ve met someone who believes. You’ll feel the grace and sense the Sabbath rest. It really is that simple.

Love you all,

Mike   xo

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  1. Joseph Rodriguez
    March 8, 2016 at 12:25 pm

    well said. Jesus was offered a “like” temptation that the first Adam fell for; “eat this and you’ll be like God” e.g. push button, microwave, instantaneous arrival. Last Adam knew He was already “like God” and therefore His answer was “like God”. Jesus is “God with skin”. May we follow Him!!!

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