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we need hairy men

April 1, 2010 16 comments

I’m done with the current trend in men’s fashion magazines.  Slicked-chested, over feminized, boy toys that are more concerned with the wardrobe and hairdo than the actual content of their life.  Dude, no one lays on the beach, in their whitie-tighties, trying to look sexy… it’s frikk’n ridiculous!  I know that the models are more than Madison Avenue dress up dolls, but geez, where are the hairy guys?  This may just be the rantings of a 52 year old guy who has lost his hair,  actively growing his middle and looks every bit of his age, but I live in a world where I see awesome God fearing, passion filled young women, who are beautiful on the inside and out, who crave and desire having a real man.  I don’t necessarily equate that to some rude bubba that won’t pay attention to details, but it’s nauseating to continue watching this effeminate wave of our culture drown out the value of being a man.  I wished this just touched fashion and personal grooming, it does not.

One of my best friends talks about the “slutification of women and the wussification of men”.  It wears me out, but that is the game, especially in “church” culture.   There is nothing wrong with men having a nurture side, but I really also think that it needs to be ok for a man to be a man.  It’s a complicated problem and I may develop this more later, but just let me say for now:  we need hairy men?  I cannot say it any louder:   Where the hell are the hairy men?


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