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necessary honor

Patti and I spend a lot of our life juice on people we absolutely adore.  Working with THE WORLD RACE affords us the opportunity to see the world and walk through the transitional process that changes young men and women forever.  It is exciting and glorious.  A fabulous experience!

The tougher part is when a kid comes off of the race.  Some make decisions quickly and move on to another aspect of training.  Most go home.  So, they’ve been living on top and under 50 something other individuals, sharing everything, serving everything that moves, living in tight community, dialing into covenant, preferring everyone over themselves, praying at any hint of a need, worshiping like crazy people and basically killing their well developed narcissism.  Then, they go home…to family…to old jobs…to old friends…to the way things used to be.  Only, the ex-racer is now different, sees differently, thinks differently… it’s all different.  Because it is different doesn’t excuse the need to honor at home in the same manner one honored in the field.

If you are 20+ years of age, still living at home, driving your dad’s car (he’s buying the gas and paying for the insurance), eating your mom’s cooking, sleeping in a bed in your parents home, one might want to consider that they are a GUEST in that home and act accordingly.  Most parents are more than willing to accommodate their kids transitions and development.  But, adults living with other adults requires that the “guest” in that home honor and respect all levels of interaction.  Because it is the household where you grew up, makes this MORE important, not less  important.  If there are rules and those rules seem over-bearing or unreasonable, I’m sure you can find a nearby apartment complex that would love to have your business!  Or, you can apply all that you  have learned, all that is right and deserved, in that place where you stay.

You changed on TWR.  Is it obvious to everyone but your parents?  The honor is necessary.


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  1. jenny brown
    April 16, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    I completely agree! We so often, fall back into the same patterns we developed with our parents, as children. We have got to remember that we are no longer children & to act accordingly. LOVE IT! Maybe if we chose to break the patterns with our parents & act as God called us to then we would see Kingdom come in our own homes, towns, states, & nation!!

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