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the way you make me feel

Love breaks out in the most peculiar places.  When it is real and not expected it can WRECK you!  Patti and I were at Michael and Kathy’s back in January.  Crazy time to visit Michigan, but that is besides the point.  When we were not doing stuff with the staff or around the church, we were usually chilling out, enjoying the HBO produced 50th Anniversary Rock N Roll Hall of Fame concerts.  Say what you will, some of the old boys and girls can still light it up!  I’m just saying…

One of the superstar performances was by Stevie Wonder.  He was joined on stage by John Legend for a tribute to Michael Jackson.  They sang “The Way You Make Me Feel”.  Of course, that is one of MJ’s best and Stevie was busting out some major grooves with his version.  Incredible!  Then, in the second stanza, (you can see for yourself by going to the link at the end of this post) LOVE hits Stevie.  Whether it was a thought about his friend, or he saw an image of MJ, or whatever happened, love melted Stevie in that moment.  For about 30 seconds he lost his composure…right in the middle of the song!  It was one of the most spiritual moments I have seen in a long time!  I cried like a baby.

I know MJ had issues.  Lots and lots of issues.  But, I never walked in MJ’s shoes, so I cannot really relate to all the stuff he dealt with.  I do not know one thing about MJ and Stevie Wonder’s relationship and I really don’t care.  It was all too evident that Stevie Wonder loved that man.  It felt like I was witnessing something that was holy and not of this earth.  It dawned on me that God makes sure that someone loves us.  No matter how we see ourselves or how dysfunctional we are; or whatever we are going through, somebody out there loves us.  That concert became “church”.  The real “church”.  Thanks Stevie, for the way you made me feel!

*** S E E   V I D E O   H E R E  ***


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  1. dan
    May 13, 2010 at 6:41 am

    hey…this is a great blog and a great video. powerful stuff. love.

  2. paul allison
    May 13, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    Dude, so right. We miss so many “holy” moments while we’re looking for holiness, probably thru our religious eyes. This was awesome. Good blog!

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