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I’m  gonna tell you straight up, and I make no apologies for this:   I’m doing it to you again.

JohnsonI posted a link to Michael Hindes’ sermon “Resolutions” weeks ago (Jan 16) with a sincere hope that you might avail yourself to that message.  As stated early, my desire was only to point you to what might be deemed significant for your development.

This past weekend, my long-time friend David Johnson and his sweet wife Bonnie, made an attempt to escape the deep freeze of Minnesota for some warm gulf air.  They did thaw some, but not much.  It’s been cold here deep in the Heart of Texas.

The elders at ECF invited David to preach and he responded with a message that was quite moving.  If you’re a person who struggles with the dichotomy of a GOOD, BENEVOLENT—GRACIOUS GOD and a sometimes MEAN, UNJUST—HURTFUL WORLD… this message is for you!  Let me encourage you to take 45 minutes and dial in to what the Spirit might be saying.  It was an incredible message!  You won’t be disappointed.

David Johnson is Sr. Pastor at Church of the Open Door in Maple Grove, MN.  You’ll not hear a more gifted Bible teacher than this guy.  I have the greatest friends on the planet.  I’m so blessed!


(Be patient.  It might take a minute or so to load.)



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  1. Bonnie Johnson
    February 13, 2014 at 9:35 am

    Love you guys! Thanks for having us – so loved being with you again, as always! B & D

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